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Kirby Inspects Each Batch Of Catnip Kitty Toys for Quality.

High Desert


Catnip Kitty Toys

Catnip Thrives In Our Intense New Mexico Sun
Our catnip stays green most of the year 'round,
so our cats always have access to the finest catnip in the world.
Since we live in an arid desert at 6000'
our herbs produce
potent material high in resins and
recognizable as quality.
We hand  create each of our toys using mostly recycled
materials, and sew them on solar powered machines.
These Santa Fe, New Mexico cat toys are a sure hit with any cat lover.  
We have been making cat toys and selling
them in Santa Fe for ten years,
selling them at the Santa Fe 
Area Farmers Market since 1996,
and have developed
relationships with many repeat customers,
shipping these
kitty treats as far as the Virgin Islands (thank you Barbara!).

We sell four different toys. The Bag O' Nip is a small draw-string bag made from a thin light cloth. Each one is hand painted by Amanita Thorp.
These toys are good for keeping Catnip in, sprinkle some on a scratching post or the floor and watch your cat roll and eat it up.
The Catface is a pillow shaped with some of our base-stock tabby cats in mind. These are made from recycled Blue-Jean material and sometimes corduroy. The Rat comes in two models: The Classic denim Blue-Jean or Hemp. Ears usually come in denim.
The tails are made from our own Angora Goat hair dyed with natural vegetable dyes. These toys usually fly the highest when the cats play with them.

Kitty Loves Making Catnip Toys                 

                  Bag O' Nip    $4 
                     Denim Catface    $5
                    Denim Rat    $7  
                                 Hemp Rat     $9              
Above prices do not include Shipping