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SunStar Projects

We have lived here since 1978 and this is our third year that we have accepted interns.
A few years ago we had the pleasure of meeting and working with Tricia, who was in New
Mexico working at Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese through the WWOOF program. We
were so impressed by her willingness to learn and work and her enthusiasm
that we decided to join. At this point we have enjoyed a total of 11 wwoofers, and look 
forward to our next contact. Our WWOOFer interns have hailed from arond the world; they 
have come from Tennesse, Massachusetts, New York and Oregon to Wales, Canada and Israel.
We are an hour north of Albuquerque and an hour south of Santa Fe.
There is no public transportation, though we go to Santa Fe at least
once a week and can transport in or out then.
No dogs.
All aspects of goat
keeping are routine here:  milking, hoof trimming,
butchering, feeding, watering, culturing the cheese, yogurt, kefir.
We've kept chickens, geese, turkeys, angora, alpine, nubian and now Boer goats for 25 years.

We have a 1956 model 8x40 trailor which is being remodeled into a guest  quarters.
Though it is not yet livable this is where you would be staying and is a project in itself.


*Post and beam framing for more installments on the house planned for 2007
*Lots of sh
ovelling both in the gardens keeping up burms and filling in ditches in roads
*We have a constant  need for goat supervisors to take the goats out browsing and horses that to be ridden
*The continual upkeep of a 1970 van, a 1972 ford pickup truck, as well as constant replacement of parts on
20 year old diesel Mercedes

*Hope to put down some floor tile
*A dirt tank in the ground needs to be refurbished with rebar remesh, stucco    
netting and plastered into ferro-cement
**All of these projects are dependant 
upon time and cash flow, but by             
scheduling with u
s we may be able to time a project to your visit.
*Ever-present watering of nursery pots and potting up of plants in the spring
and again in late summer.
d of course there's milking. Since we're still milking by hand its a big chore.

Some of The Happenings Around The Farm Inculde:

The Garden in 2005

Weeding,Watering And Harvesting In The Garden 

Desert Fauna Hawk MothSwallowtail Butterfly

Garden Fauna To Admire            

Planting TreesJujubes To PickHappy Goats

           Trees To Plant                     Jujubes To Pick                         Goats To Walk

Horses To Ride

Goat Walks Include Horses  

Goats To Herd

And Herding