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Big Sage

Sage  (artemisia tridentada) is a bitter herb often used aromatically as a smudge.
Smudging is the Native American term for cleansing and centering the body and aura with the smoke of burned herbs. It is
similar in use to incense, both are used to uplift vibrations and alter atmosphere. On a regular basis a sage
smudge can be used for centering the mind, body and spirit and of focus on the moment and what is about
to be undertaken; clears mind of all previous activities and wholly prepares one for the next. The smoke
itself affects all levels of being, attunes spirit to higher rates of vibration, calms the emotions and purifies the
outer physical body. When done in a group it aligns the individual's energy with the whole, serving as a
ritual, providing a group focus and preparatory rite.
In the morning smudging prepares one for the day ahead. At night it clears the day's activities from one's
being and prepare for a sound night sleep. It is useful whenever feeling upset, angry, depressed, or emotional
in general. Before important meeting, trip or other undertaking, before discussion with another person.

It is also a good smoke deterrent for mosquitoes and "no-see-ums".

Our sticks come on average 8 inches long and 1  inch in diameter.

3 for $15
12 for $60





(moxa for short, being the burning of herbs especially mugwort then applied to the body) is
useful in treating sinus infections, and blockages.
Though it is made from many herbs, generally moxibustion refere to a stick made from artemisia vulgaris as this
herb is of a mild heat, burns
easily and penetrates deeply beneath the skin into the body.
Light the herb, then blow out the flame, and keep the stick smoking by occasionally fanning it with your hand
or blow lightly into the ember. As a sinus decongestant inhale through the nostrils until a relief from pressure is felt.
Repeat later if more is needed.

Moxa is also helpful when burned near the skin, usually at specefic pressure points. The heat warms the
energy (chi) and blood in the body and is useful for the treatment of disease and maintenance of the health.
Often pain and disease are the result of blockages or improper flow of energy and blood. Moxa stimulates
with heat to alleviate original blockage and correct flow. It also stimulates and supports the natural immunity
of the body and eliminates cold and damp thus promoting normal functioning of the organs.
Hold one inch or as close as is tolerated above the skin surface, moving when heat is intolerant-do not
become burned-remove heat for a moment and then return or use a circular motion moving over and around
desired area, this spreads out the focus and is good for large surface areas. Another method is called
"sparrow pecking" With the moxa stick rapidly "peck" at the desired point without touching the skin- this allows
deep specific penetration. Be sure to occasionally tap off ashes.

To Extinguish twist into a container of rice, place in jar, lid tight or foil hot end. There are really endless
possibilities with the moxa stick not least of which uses the ashes to stop bleeding.

Our sticks average around 8 inches in length with a 1 1/4 inch diameter

Use Mugwort Moxa Stick Over:

Chest: lung congestion, cough, cold, flu, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, mucus, difficulty in breathing and other lung
Upper abdomen: poor digestion, gas, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, local spasms, and cramps and food congestion.
CAUTION: do not use over the right upper abdomen near the rib cage, as this is the residence of the liver, an organ
already too prone to heat.
-Middle abdomen: poor digestion, gas, diarrhea, local cramps and spasms, weakness, low energy.
Lower abdomen: gas, diarrhea, local cramps and spasms, bladder infections (without the appearance of blood), low
energy, body coldness, lowered immunity, menstrual cramps, and difficult, frequent urination, night time urination,
weakness, leukorrhea, and other discharges, poor circulation and prostate difficulty.
Upper Back: same as chest, not as sensitive or vulnerable to treat on most people.
Middle Back (waist level): kidney and bladder disorders, frequent and night time urination, low back pain, bone and
disc problems, hair loss, knee and other joint problems, lowered immunity and resistance, poor circulation, coldness,
weakness, low energy. Heating this part of the body will raise resistance and energy level of the whole body aiding organs
and systems and diseases being experienced. Especially good for vegetarians who tend to have more internal coldness
than others
Lower Back: low back pain, menstral difficulties, leukorrhea, bladder infections and diarrhea.
Joints: local pain and swelling, arthritis, aches, soreness, local injuries, coldness and congestion
Other body parts: all over body useful for tension, soreness, ache, arthritis, cramps, or spasms or any type of blockage,
and where healing is not happening
CAUTIONS: don't use over the liver as this organ is already running hot and cannot take the extra heat. Don't burn the person.
Don't use with fever, over areas of inflammation or infection, lower back or
abdomen of pregnant women. Avoid use in vicinity of sensory organs or mucous membranes, numbness.

We harvest Mugwort from our own integrated herbal plantings
in our high desert valley here in Santa Fe County at 6000' feet
Our Mugwort sticks average 8 inches with a 1 1/4 inch diameter

 3 for $15 
 12 for $60